user-centred home networking

Homework investigated future networking in the home by considering the needs of the user. Study of computer network use in the home gave an empirical understanding of use, which led to a fundamental re-invention of the protocols, models and architectures of the domestic setting.

Over 300 million people worldwide have broadband connections to the Internet with 51% of UK households having a broadband connection. However, despite the growing interest in home networking, these technologies remain extraordinarily difficult for people to install, manage, and use.

The project was a research collaboration between the Universities of Nottingham and Glasgow, Imperial College London and Georgia Institute of Technology with industrial partners Microsoft Research (Cambridge) and BT.

It was funded by the EPSRC under the Wired and Wireless Intelligent Networked Systems (WINES III) initiative, EP/F064276/1, with additional support from the RCUK supported Horizon Hub, EP/G065802/1.

For more details, contact Prof. Tom Rodden.